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Real Estate

SEO for Real Estate companies is generally geographic specific. Each Real Estate company would want its website to show up for its targeted City or State so that they get more relevant inquiries.

For example, if you deal with properties in Dallas, Texas then your primary keywords would be:

  • Rent Property in Dallas
  • Buy Property in Dallas
  • Houses for sale in Dallas
  • Condos for rent in Dallas
  • Apartment for sale in Dallas
  • Villas for rent in Dallas

You could be dealing with renting or selling of different property types. So, what each realtor would like to do is ... have his website show up on the first page of Google but specifically for the cities that he deals with. It does not make sense to get the top ranking for Miami when you are dealing with properties located in Dallas.

We study your business niche to decide which would be the most suitable keywords for your business. For example, some realtors deal mainly with luxury and high end properties. So their keywords and optimization works tend to be different. Some realtors deal with waterfront or riverfront properties ... likewise their keywords will vary.

The best thing would be to use the "Contact Form" to get in touch with us and we can analyze your business to suggest the possible strategy.