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The type of products that you deal with defines your reach in the eCommerce industry. If you deal with digital products then they have a worldwide reach because they can be downloaded from anywhere.

But if you deal with physical products like electronics, phones or jewelry then your online reach is defined by your capability to ship the products to different locations. Generally US businesses offer shipping to U.S.A and Canada as most US shipping companies ship to Canada as well. But with certain high value products such as gold, the shipping cost becomes minimal and the buyer pays for the shipping of the products. So, gold buying has seen a global reach.

Let us say you have a cell phone store in New York and you sell the latest iPhones and iPods online. So your keywords would be:

  • Buy iPhones
  • iPhone Store
  • Buy new iPhones
  • Buy iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5 Sale
  • Buy iPods

We are not attaching the city name along with the keywords because you want business from all the cities in USA. Similarly, if you deal with gold and you would like to buy gold from people. Then your primary keywords would be:

  • Sell gold
  • Sell gold jewelry
  • Sell old gold jewelry
  • Gold buyers
  • Sell gold online

Ecommerce is a huge industry. You can sell anything online starting from cars, bikes and cell phones to gold, diamonds and silver. See if your website shows up on the first page of Google for the keywords related to your industry. If it is not there then you need to talk to us and we can help you out. Kindly us the "Contact Form" to get in touch with us.