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What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is the promotion of your products / services online. It aims to drive targeted traffic to your website to generate sales or leads.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing different segments of your website so that your website can be easily located by the people who are looking for your products / services.

How will SEO help my company?

SEO helps in getting Top Ranks in search engines, like Google and Yahoo, for keywords that are relevant to your business. This Top Ranking gives your company good visibility to people who are looking for your products / services.

How can I know how much business I can get online?

We carry out a Keyword Research to determine the keywords people are using to locate your products / services. This report is sent out to you along with its monthly search volume on Google. The search volume for each keyword indicates the business potential online for its relevant business.

What will you do to generate business for me online?

We increase the visibility of your company online. We continuously work towards bringing your site in the Top Ranks for those clients who are looking for your products and services.

What are the tasks that you carry out in SEO?

We carry out several tasks in SEO to make your site more relevant and popular for your products and services. Kindly visit the "Packages" link to view the complete list of the tasks carried out.

What is the guarantee that I will benefit from SEO?

If there is a good search volume for your business online in your target geographic area … then a Top Rank is like having an Ad of your company in the first page of the newspaper.

Do you guarantee Number One ranking for our site?

It is Google that assigns the ranks and not us. We do not guarantee No.1 ranking for all keywords we work on because there are several factors that Google takes into account to assign the top rank for a particular keyword. But what we definitely guarantee is that we will move your site into the Top 10 ranks for at least 50% of the keywords that we work on. To avail this guarantee you should sign up with us for at least a one year SEO term.

How much time does it take to get results?

Moving to the Top Ranks depends upon the competition for the keyword. For some keywords you can get a Top Rank within 1 month and some keywords it may take 6-12 months. It varies from business to business. But with the SEO work that we carry out, most of clients see a progress in ranking within 3 months.

How much will SEO cost me?

SEO costs vary depending upon the keywords and the work involved. Kindly visit the "Packages" link for more information.

Why should I choose Ray SEO?

  • Experts trained in USA – We have SEO professionals with their Master’s from USA and have worked on SEO projects in New York, providing you the best service in the market.
  • SEO Strategy – Our SEO Strategy that combines content development with link building enhances ranking rapidly and provides long lasting ranks.
  • Top 10 Ranking Guarantee - We will refund your full amount if we do not move your site to Top 10 ranking on for at least 50% of the keywords that we work on.