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Online Lead Generation

Don’t pay for leads anymore. You can generate your own leads from Google for as low as $0.05 per visitor. Yes, thats right … just 5 cents per visitor.

If you got a 100 visitors on your site and lets say even one of them requests for a quote or makes a purchase … that quote costs you only $5.00. That is using a conversion ratio of at least 1 in 100. Conversion rates are generally much better.

Most of the online lead generation companies charge you anything between $20 to $80 for their leads. Why would you want to pay 5 or 10 times the price when you can generate your own leads much more cost effectively?

The most important advantage of having your own online lead generation program or a PPC campaign is the amount of targeted traffic that it generates for your business. If you got one quote for every 100 visitors, this also means that 100 people out there came to know about your business … what you offer … what they can avail from you … may be not today but tomorrow.

The second major advantage of generating your own leads online is ‘the targeted traffic’. You have a very powerful control over who clicks on your ads … to whom the ad is shown and who visits your website. You can control precisely to the very city from where you want the visitors … from where you want your clients. This is especially of more importance for those businesses who cater to a specific regional area. Yes, with a targeted online lead generation program you can have only those people interested in your business from a particular city to click on your ads … making your lead generation to be more effective than just buying leads from another company.

How much is setting up my own online lead generation program going to cost me?

Your Lead Generation campaign can be setup for as low as $500 as a one time setup fee. We create the PPC campaign for your business activities targeting clients looking for your service & products within your desired geographic area. Each visitor on your website will cost as low as 5 cents. A Quote Request form will be setup on your site which the visitors can submit to request your services.