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Pay Per Click Optimization

Pay Per Click Optimization

Investing too much in the campaign and not getting the returns? Very low conversion rate? This could mean that you Pay Per Click campaign is not properly optimized. The two main factors that decide the success of your PPC campaign is the pricing of your service / product and the optimization of the campaign.

Pay Per Click Optimization essentially eliminates the generic keywords, keywords that sound to be your business but are not precisely what you offer. Such keywords generate you the traffic but give you no sales. PPC traffic without any sales only means expense on the campaign with no revenue generated.

Such scenarios can be eliminated with proper Pay Per Click Optimization. It is essential to use keywords that very closely define your service or product to be as close to what the customer is looking for. Find a range of keywords with synonyms and similar words that the customer might use. Combine the keywords with locations and cities if you are catering to a particular geographic area. And drive the traffic that wants what you have.

How much is Pay Per Click Optimization going to cost me?

If you already have a PPC campaign setup, we can optimize it for you with a starting fee of $500. PPC campaigns vary by product, service and the size of the business. Kindly, use the below form to request a quote or consultation for your campaign.